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I’ve officially finished seven pairs of pants which is so exciting, but after finishing the pants, I noticed that promoting myself on my personal Instagram was challenging. It was scary letting people from my school and some total strangers that followed me see this other side of me. I can’t explain why there was hesitation, but I guess part of it was being vulnerable and letting people see my business side. But, just like my last post said, I need to learn to let go. Sharing my business with others was scary, but I realized it’s so so so worth it to show this cool thing I’m doing. And speaking of, today I’m taking pictures of my friends in my pants for my website and Instagram. I love my friends and am happy they can share this part of my business with me. I may also name the pants after each of them. I will post pictures of the photo shoot on my Instagram aronning and stickandpokefashion later today if anyone wants to look!


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