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First Pants Made!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I just finished making my first pair of pants for my collection! So exciting! This process was different from the very first pants I made for myself. I had no stencil when I made my original pants; I just "wung" it. However, I created a permanent pattern using an old Burda sewing stencil to improve the pants. Still, I changed it a little and widened the stencil at the bottom to give them a more oversized, looser fit. When I made my original pants, I didn't include any pockets because I didn't know how, but this time I made pockets!!! It took some time to figure out; there are a lot of steps to remember when putting pockets in (not really. I just struggled a lot). I had to watch a Wikihow video repeatedly to figure it out, AND my sewing machine was acting up. It kept on unthreading every time I started sewing again, and I got so, so, so frustrated. But even with all these challenges, I powered through, and it was so worth it! I loved making these pants. The last pair I made was around 4 months ago, and that's TOO LONG, and I can't wait to make more for my upcoming line of pants!!!


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